We’re Back!

As you may or may not be aware- your Credit Union has been without power to the building since 08/25/2017. We’ve been working with crews for several days to restore power. We finally regained power at the building around 3pm on 08/31/2017.

Without power to this building the ATM/ACH updates from our end to the data processor could not be transmitted. Without the data processor having the information they could not transmit fresh data to our online service provider.

Now that our services are restored- data to your online banking profiles should start to update. Please allow some time for the online service provider to update and test accounts.

EDITED TO ADD: as of 10am, 09/01/2017 our online services are fully restored. If you notice any discrepancies to your online accounts- please call 713-209-1311 and let us know so that we can notify our web service provider asap. Thank you.

We appreciate your patience during this trying time and thank you for your membership.