Call Before You Make the Drive!

Due to Winter Storm Warnings for Tuesday, January 16, 2018 and Wednesday, January 17, 2018- the Credit Union will be taking precautions to keep its employees safe. Call before you make the drive to be sure someone is available to assist you. If we are unavailable- please use the Shared Branching tab to find a location near you that can assist you in your financial needs until we return.

Winter Storm Warnings are in effect along I10 and north, including Houston. Already this morning, icing is starting to occur as temps fall to around and below freezing. Expect periods of rain, icing, and even some snow through the day on Tuesday. Travel will be treacherous. Temperatures will then descend into the 15-25 degree range overnight tonight, along with colder wind chills, and likely cause re-freezing on the roads. Please be careful.

Most of what we’re dealing with could lead to icy roadways, and that’s the big concern. We have the potential for a rare “flash freeze” where liquid precipitation on the ground suddenly freezes over as temps plunge into the 20s during the afternoon.

Whatever roads freeze over Tuesday afternoon will likely stay frozen over until possibly Wednesday afternoon when temps finally climb above freezing.

This is a dynamic situation. Expect lots of changes. And expect lots of surprises when the actual weather occurs.

Please help spread the word. There is concern that many are going to get caught off guard.